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Technical Support

Technical assistance 

In the unlikely event of requiring a warranty service call or needing technical support then please complete the following form and a member of Husky Customer Service Team will contact you within one working day.

Spare Parts 

We stock a full range of spare parts for all of our current Husky products in the UK.

Spare parts for Husky products can be purchased from our service partner First Choice and you can contact them by email enquiries@firstchoice-cs.co.uk or by telephone on 01543 577778. 

Support Videos 


Why is my chiller/freezer warm inside?

Is your condenser dirty or blocked? Switch the chiller/freezer off and see your user manual to locate the condenser. Clean it gently with a soft brush or Hoover attachment. Once clean, turn the unit on and give it up to half a day to return to the correct temperature. If after this time the chiller/freezer is still warm, see how do I adjust the temperature.

Why are my doors not closing properly?

Is the unit completely level? For the doors to close correctly this must be the case. Use a spirit level and adjust using the feet in the four corners at the base of the unit. If the unit has sliding doors, check that the door runs at the top and bottom of the door frame are clear of dirt build-up or obstructions and spray with a water repellent lubricant (we recommend WD40)

How do I adjust the temperature?

As there are many different thermostat controls available on Husky units, please call the Husky Service Team on 01455 555340 to identify your model and help you.

Our support videos show how to adjust the temperature on Bar Fridges, Ice Cream Freezers and PRO Fridges and Freezers.

How do I clean the condenser on my PRO Fridge/Freezer?

Please refer to the PRO Fridges and Freezers video on our support video page, where step by step instructions are shown.

My chiller is leaking water, what should I do?

If the thermostat is set too low, it can cause excess ice and water to develop.  Generally 3°C and above is sufficient to cool whatever you store in your chiller. Check that the thermostat is set correctly or contact us.

My freezer is leaking water, what should I do?

If the thermostat is set too low, it can cause excess ice and water to develop, generally -18°C to -20°C is sufficient to store the contents of your freezer. Check that the thermostat is set correctly. (See: how do I adjust the temperature of my chiller)

Fuses are blowing when I run my chiller/freezer - what should I do?

Ensure that your unit is plugged directly into the mains and not connected through a mains extension cable. (Using an extension cable can cause the contactor to fail in your chiller/freezer)

Why does my chiller smell?

No elements or materials in your chiller/freezer will cause bad odour. Check for spillage of the product(s) stored in the chiller/freezer e.g. milk and clean thoroughly.

My lightbulb has gone - where can I get a new one?

Contact our Spares Partner, First Choice on 01543 577778

Why are my shelves collapsing?

This is due to the overloading of shelves; check your user manual for the recommend load per shelf for your chiller/freezer

How can I arrange a visit from an engineer? 

If none of the situations above are applicable to you please call us with your serial number and model type to hand. This can be found on a metal plate - typically situated at the top-right of the interior of your unit. Contact us.