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Patrick Anderson, landlord at The Bull, decided the fridges in his bar needed upgrading after resorting to serving warm beer and wine to customers when his old fridges reached full capacity. With Husky’s back bar chillers, Patrick is now repeatedly hitting sales targets higher than ever before on wine, as he can now serve it at the optimum drinking temperature. Patrick said:

“We are a popular village pub with a strong customer-base in the local community. Our customers rarely order anything other than their regular drinks to catch up with friends and family over, which does tend to be traditional drinks like beer and wine.

“Food is another large part of our business. We serve traditional pub food daily as well as hosting themed evenings such as tapas or steak and wine nights.  

“Positioning ourselves as a gastro pub means the accompanying wine we serve with food is just as important as the meal itself. We pride ourselves on serving high quality, great tasting food so when we were forced to serve warm white wine and beer, it was damaging our reputation and we knew customers were beginning to question how much we cared about our service.

“Being a small pub, we couldn’t afford to let something as easily amendable as the temperature of drinks, start to impact on profits.

“I got in touch with Husky to see what products they could offer us to replace the back bar fridges, they’re very close to us and we do try and support other businesses in the local community wherever possible. We already have one of Husky’s prep counters and a double door upright freezer in our kitchen and they’re performing brilliantly.

“Husky recommended its Intellegenzia back bar chiller as the most suitable replacement fridge. The Intellegenzia unit in particular has had the most impact due to its, tailored features for a busy working environment, like our bar.

“The soft close doors mean bar staff can get in and out of them easily and quickly during a busy service.


“My favourite feature is definitely the LED lighting, it makes our array of wines and beers so much more visible to the customer and just gives the bar an all-round more premium look.

“As well as transforming the appearance of the bar, the Intellegenzia and Back Bar Chiller units are saving us money on our energy bills. The fan assisted cooling automatically shuts off and goes into sleep mode when the door is closed, so no energy is wasted.

 “The new fridges have meant we’re able to live up to our reputation as a gastro pub which serves high quality food with great wine.

“We’re already seeing the effects of serving drinks at the correct temperature. Our wine sales are steadily increasing, with customers drinking more wine when it’s chilled and the same goes for beer!”

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