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Case Study: Tony Blach Reduces Energy Bills In His Store

Tony Blach, owner of Swineshead Village Store was looking to upgrade his open fronted multi-deck fridges to a modern, energy efficient alternative after discovering they used 40% more electricity than 3 double door fridges would. With his three new C1000 Double Glass Door Upright Chillers from Husky Commercial Mr Blach has seen a huge drop in his energy bills. Mr Blach said:

“The new upright chillers are absolutely excellent both in their functionality and appearance, customers even comment on how impressive they look. Before investing in the new fridges I had three of Husky’s C10 upright chillers, one had lasted ten years and the other two 15 years. All three were still working well, however I knew how much refrigeration technology had progressed over the years and that there were much more modern and energy efficient products available.

“My energy bills were incredibly high, so I was looking particularly for products that were optimised to reduce energy consumption. I decided I would stick with Husky because I had always found them very helpful in terms of offering me the exact right products and also with the maintenance of my old fridges. After an initial call with the Husky team I also discovered my old 3 metre open fronted multideck was using 35-40% more electricity than three double door fridges would, one of the determining factors of choosing the Husky C1000 chillers.

“Having three double door fridges also reduces the risk of losing stock, if one of them stops working I can still rely on the other two. Because of the attractiveness of the new fridges, I have no concerns that I might lose impulse sales despite them having doors.

“Now, when you open the doors to the fridges the cold air hits you proving they are well insulated. My energy bills are now considerably reduced and sales are also improving.

“As the owner of a small village store I need to be absolutely sure that a new fridge is going to be beneficial, with a large proportion of stock being displayed in them. However I really couldn’t be happier with the three new C1000 chillers and they have proved to be a real investment for my business.”